Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crazy Lady onboard..

So much to catch up on!--WOW!
first of all...I'M ENGAGED!
Thursday, August 4 seemed like an ordinary day to me.  I had a CGI math workshop at school & had to be there at 8--of course being myself I was there around 45 minutes early... I had thrown on some shabby clothes-a jean button up and some khaki shorts.  Also, I decided the night before to paint my nails BLUE..who cares.. well I soon would!
A little while after lunch I have a text from Ben saying something along the lines of "where are you" or "what are you doing"..thought that was strange because he knew exactly what I was doing--I was at school most likely panicking because school was starting in a week!--ahh!  I didn't have much time so I ignored the text--OOPS!
After our workshop I of course was still in my usual panic-mode and my mentor, mrs. Bond came into my room to try to calm me down :).  I have my back to my door and I see her smile so I turned around.  Ben was standing at my classroom door with a bouquet of flowers.  I just assumed he was bringing them to congratulate me on my new job & say how proud and happy he was!....Obviously, mrs. Bond caught on because when he said can we have a minute I just told him that was rude & she did not have to leave.  Well...she left and Ben immediately turned red.  I kept asking "what did you do" & "what is wrong??"... He began telling me how much he loves me, why he loves me, and that he could not imagine his life without me.  He explained that he loved me because of my love for children and because of my desire to allow the Lord to use me however He needs... I so wish I could remember more, but my dementia has kicked in early and I have the worst memory!  I kept saying things and he kept telling me to be quiet and just listen to what he had to say....I was still a little confused.  Then, he said "well I have asked your dad, I have asked your mom, and now I need to ask you---will you please spend the rest of your life with doing all we can to make each other happy?"...(he is on his knee at this point) and i am just talking away saying "shut up...shut up..." after he kept asking if I was listening to him...and then having to ask me to please answer him--I started crying..SERIOUSLY?!!! WHAT???
---what a perfect new classroom that I was so very blessed to get this summer, also...  Little did I know, that was not the end of it.  He asked if I had a lot to do & I don't even remember my response because I had no idea what to do next!  He informed me that a helicopter would be coming to pick us up in a few short minutes..HUH?--YOU'RE KIDDING, RIGHT?! i slung my classroom door open & I don't even remember who all I talked to but I yelled to mrs. Bond and Andrea--I'M ENGAGED!!.....still did not seem real!
We walk out to the side parking lot of the school & the helicopter picks us up!---it takes us all over cool to see old main from that view!-- However, I did not see much because I was still shaking and could NOT stop looking at my gorgeous, perfect BLING that was sitting on my left hand!! (oh forgot to mention he tried to put the ring on the WRONG hand..oopsy:))..

Once we got back to school I remembered we were supposed to go to his parents' for dinner--I wondered if that was still on?...I called my mom and sister & we had a little pow-wow :)...On the way to Ben's parents I called my dad to tell him the good news, too!
Guess I didn't catch on well to this either because Ben's family was waiting at his parents with an engagement cake for us! :))))
It was an absolutely perfect proposal! I could not have planned it better myself--and I am a PLANNER!!!!!...ha
Ben knows me so well, and this proposal including something I dearly love (other than him) and it couldn't have turned out any better!  I am so grateful to know that I will have someone so thoughtful and loving in my life!

....soooo now that the proposal is over I guess I need to plan a wedding?!.....  we have decided a date... have not told this to many people...but we will be getting married on May 12, 2012!!! mark your calendars friends & family!  We absolutely CANNOT wait-- so much that we contemplated changing it to October--YEAH RIGHT!...That definitely won't happen... I will be too wrapped up in my new NEPHEW--Brody Cole once he arrives!!!!
.....and I guess we should have considered how difficult it would be to be a first-year teacher planning a wedding--IDIOTS!
---but it is all coming together & has been so much fun!
We booked our photographer...YEAHHH...woo hoo for Dale & Meredith Benfield!...  We have also booked our florist! (I know, I know..I'm on a roll...)
I went to trying on wedding dresses for the first time while my mom was in town this past weekend for her birthday...she and Mrs. Tinka guided me through the process.  This may be a bit difficult task because anyone who knows me knows that i HATE making decisions.  I had to explain to the girl helping me that I was the type of person in high school who would buy a prom or homecoming dress & then go to another store and wish I could buy the next best one.  Not good for this girl who NEEDS a dress within the next month...TOO MANY OPTIONS, AMEN?
We have decided on our wedding party:
(I sent these self-made cards in the mail to my bridesmaids)
Bridesmaids: Wendi Speer (MOH), Brooke Ceola, Laura Jill Richmond, Saylor Prather, Hope Argo, Megan Fawley, & Emily Mayfield
Groomsmen: Zach Willard (Best Man), Ryan Ceola, Britt Speer, Trey Ferguson, Michael Yates, Caleb Snowden, & AJ Killham

woooo hooooo...let the fun begin!

School is absolutely AMAZING!--I have the best teaching team ever! They are all always willing to do whatever it takes!  My students are wonderful, too!  I have a very animated group & I love every one of them!

(please forgive any typing errors..I did this is in the little time I could spare :))