Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Deliverer... On Easter Sunday at Central Baptist church in Jonesboro the congregation had been asked to write on a post-it one word to describe what God means to them personally. At that time I would have written "Savior". However, due to the things and wonderful surprises that have recently occurred I would at this moment say "Deliverer". I feel like I will never be able to sum up what God means to me. He is so many things all at once and I beloved at different points in my life and uncertain certain circumstances and different occasions He means something different!

The past year I have been anxiously searching for a teaching position to call my own! My family and friends..have awaited this day probably as much as I have. I cannot express how great they have been. I am so appreciative of all of their diligent prayers and words of encouragement. Ben Willard has been so awesome. He's listened to me cry and scream. He has sent me bible verses on the days I wanted to give up to lift my spirits and remind me who is in control. I would not have imagined a year ago having someone so wonderful in my life. God has been in control this whole time. In such a difficult time of limbo in my life He was guiding me and He knew the ultimate plan all along! I absolutely believe God provided me with the long-term Substitute position at williams elementary because the perfect position wasn't available for me yet!!
I cannot believe I am about to type this... But I HAVE A JOB'. Hallelujah! He has delis weed!! I will be teaching third grade next year at Williams in Farmigton!! :))) I am so excited words cannot express!
Thank you to EVERYONE for all of their prayers! They paid off! Wooooo hoooooooooo! Thank you, Lord!

What a wonderful birthday present! I can now relax on the beach :)

Sorry for any typos--using my phone to update!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Soooo...I've held out as long as possible.  I've wanted to make MYSELF this canvas since I finished the MAT last year, but I couldn't bring myself to fear I may NEVER get to use it.... However I wanted to make something for myself today and THIS is what came of those feelings :).... My hope is that I get my own classroom with the most perfect little NWA students all so eager to learn, cooperative, and respectful--HA.. but really-I just want a J-O-B... Then I wanted to spend every waking hour turning it into "SEUSSVILLE"... I am OBSESSED with dr. seuss and I hope it rubs off on my lil' chillins' that I pray I will have the opportunity to teach in the fall!  I got so many dr. seuss teaching supplies for graduation last year & I would REALLY like to put them to use!
Here is the long-awaited canvas.....
you may not be able to tell but the yellow part actually has a lighter yellow colored polka dots :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Paintings

This is for Jessica Baker--she is getting married & using this at the table for the Groom's cake :).  Love this idea!
 This is an armoire that was in Ben's room that I antiqued..
 close up of handles--love!
To match the armoire...

 This is the armoire before...

 okay okay...I know..but I LOVE this Georgia Bulldogs painting!  It was for a friend's graduation.. 

 Hogs stool

Lost & Found

I know...crazy title.. but this is what life has felt like lately!
Last week when NWA was under severe thunderstorm warnings and storm trackers predicted we would have "the worst tornadoes/weather in the area's history" I PANICKED!  I stayed at Ben's parents (as did the rest of the family..including EmJay).  Being the little stinker/adventurer that she is..she escaped the back yard :(  I was so devastated....of course seeing as I can easily transform into an emotional wreck.  I was so upset because I had to sub the morning after we realized she was gone & I couldn't continue to look for her :(.  I thought the worst..but some really good friends helped search for her, Ben & I printed flyers, and I called anywhere I could think of.  Finally, right before my lunch break ,I called the Johnson police department and they said a man had called reporting he had found a lab puppy but didn't tell the gender.  I called him ASAP--he didn't answer ahhh of course--so I left a voicemail of her description.  He called back and said he thought it was her!  I literally almost peed my pants..... I say that a lot but this time I really was close.  So I rushed to his house to get her! AHHHH she is home and better never leave me again-I told her that.  WHEW...

Also...Ben bought a new fancy schmancy camera--cannot wait to upload pictures.  WE have been going crazy with it--Ben snaps pictures nonstop--it is starting to get a LITTLE annoying.. :)

We had a fun memorial weekend which we split between our two families--Branson with his & then Heber with mine..WHEW..