Sunday, June 26, 2016

Almost 38 weeks!

We had such a relaxing weekend! We took Millie to the pool.. Twice.. Took naps... Didn't have anything specific on the agenda the whole time. It was SO nice!
-mills, you're shaping up to love the pool and water after all (praise hands... Your lifeguard momma was worried for a minute)..  You love to just float around with your puddle jumper now!

Seeing as our weekend was so relaxed.. I'm confused on why my body feels like I've been hit by a truck or just completed a warrior dash.
I'm hoping it's because you're dropping, mr. Ramsey. It's been difficult to walk tonight without my back catching and sitting down is so painful because there's so much weight on my pelvis and hip bones. (I may have cried for about 30 minutes).
I've been trying to be so positive reminding myself that the Lord is blessing me with these days of life, days to soak in Time with Millie and time with Ben and time with friends before our lives change pretty drastically, but tonight I was defeated. My body feels defeated. It hurts.

-weight gain: 24 pounds
-no progress at last week's (37) appointment. Cried about that too ha.
-good news: your head is down ;)
-check up this week is Wednesday at 1:45
-your movement the past two nights around 10 pm has been CRAAAAAZY!!!   I wish I could just sit and video it the whole time.

I'm looking forward to this week: I have plans with lots of my girlfriends for dinner, we have family dinner plans, and we get to celebrate mine and cousin Stella's birthday on Friday! It will be a good busy week-- meaning we'll get to you quicker. Ha. 😜

Love you two kiddos through and through!
Thank you, Jesus for your abundancy of blessings

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

36 weeks & a big girl bed!

36 week check up today!  I told myself I was not going to get my hopes up because I was never dilated at any of my "checks" when I was pregnant with Millie
After waiting an hour and a half.... *eye roll*... I finally got to go back & was dilated 1 cm.  to most this is nothing, but to me it FREAKS ME OUT... BECAUSE!!!! when I had Millie, we checked in and I was only a 2.. they kept me for about an hour and a half and I progressed to a 4... within 30-40 minutes I was already at a NINE!...they said if they had checked me before I wouldn't even have been able to get an epidural.. so... of course, now i'm feeling like I'm going to pop ya out when I get up to go potty in the middle of the night tonight :).  But then, it will probably actually be weeks.. ha!  I'm so eager to meet you lil' dude!

-I lost 3-4 pounds since last appointment
-the check didn't hurt nearly as bad as I remembered the first one with Mills
-it was the hottest day of the "summer" today and my pregnant body felt it

-i've almost kinda sorta wanted to go to the hospital twice in the past three days.  I feel constant pressure on my pelvis, and have been feeling super gassy.
-even taking a bath (and we all know how much i LOVE my baths) is not comfortable anymore
-my stomach is soooooo tight
-your movements are intense & ALL over my belly.  I am guessing it's your head resting on my left hip bone and your sweet little feet that like to kick my right rib cage
-i can't find a comfortable way to sit for longer than 10 minutes so I just stand up at random times :)
-clothes.... who invented those anyway?  for the birds... thankfully your daddy is super tall and has lots of tshirts that will still fit over my belly
-my reflux has dwindled significantly!!! thank goodness!

*total weight gain so far: 22 pounds (oh my lands)

*A few things I'm missing: sleeping on my belly, coffee (it makes my stomach so upset), running, soaking in the bath for a super long time, sleep in general, being able to control a belch haha, having cleanly shaven legs ha, driving comfortably--i'd rather just stay home than be in the car

*Things I'm so enjoying: seeing and feeling you move--I will never ever take these sweet movements for granted.. i'm so thankful I get to feel them, watching my belly grow (it's much bigger than it ever was with Millie)--it amazes me all the little details God thinks of and how a woman's body can do all the things it does to be pregnant and to prepare for child birth (such a beautiful testimony), seeing all my friends that are also pregnant & how much they're growing (it's so fun to do this alongside other people), listening to your sister talk about you ALL THE TIME and hearing what she thinks it is going to be like once you're here (I'm not sure she even gets that you're about to be a real human living in our house, but it's still cute)-----
*Can't wait: to see what color hair you have, to tickle those little cheeks, to feel your little hands on my chest, just to hear you, to see how big you'll be,  to rock you in your sweet rocker, to nurse you in the middle of the night, to get you home!!!!

So ready for you, Ramsey Roo

we did a quick impromptu photo shoot with Mere last week:

Millie! A big girl bed!!!! (it's a full size) On Saturday you helped your daddy put it together & you loved every minute of it!  You thought it was the coolest thing handing him screws and playing with the tools.  I did not help, but sat in your chair in your room snapping pictures and SOBBING the whole time.  I cannot believe how quickly this happened---just like every other milestone you've mastered.  My baby is not a baby anymore.  You're proving that more and more every single day.  
-I was nervous of how it would go, but of course, you just sailed right through the change.  You cried for about 10 minutes at nap time that day (but you'd started crying at nap time earlier in the week wanting me to hold you anyway--"momma howd yewww")... then you were asleep.  You slept for about an hour and a half, and as soon as I heard you start to stir we came up.  You were so proud!!! "i did it.  I sleep in big girl bed!"
-at bed time we still kept with our routine... we brushed your teeth, pjs, prayed with daddy, read books, talked about our day, turned off the lamp, I rocked you and sang you a few songs, then I put you down.  You whined for a few minutes, and then you were asleep!
-You haven't gotten out of the bed on your own yet.  You whine when you wake up and I come up and usually hop in bed with you, and you want to "hide"... so we play for a bit
-I LOVE IT AND SO DO YOU! it's so fun to be able to sit in your bed with you and to see how proud you are! You've told everyone about it, and want to show anyone that walks in our house!

I'm so proud of you, Millie Everett... mwah!