Saturday, April 30, 2016

Smarty Pants & Almost 30 weeks!

Just some random notes I've kept on my phone of things you've said and done the past few months, Millie. 

Feb 16
Watching pooh heffalump movie.  At the beginning they get scared one by one. And you said "oh poohs scared. Now pig-ets scared. Ohhhh tigger's next. Roos next!

-after dinner you were at the living room table coloring and we heard you say.." God is good. God is great" in the sweetest little whisper 

Feb 28
I gotta hold it
I can't like it

More coming?
Hi mommy. What doing?

There is power power in the name of Jesus

You know diamond and point to road signs that are that shape
"Green's go! Reds stop!"

March 18- you pointed upstairs about 30 min after nap and said "I sleep good mommy!" 

You lick your finger and try to wipe things up/clean-- your slide had chocolate on it and you did that to try to wipe it off (march 22)

Momma you know what?  All the time 😁

"I need a diaper change". Sounds like diiiiii-pachaannggeee all one word. 

March 28
-I'm soooo excited mom!

You've been talking about the beach so much lately. 
I put your Easter bonnet on you and you said "time to go to the beach!" And raised both arms out!

March 29- early in the morning watching charlottes web you looked at me "am I mommys Angel?"

March 30- WOKE UP DRY!!!!

April 1- we put your hooded giraffe towel on you after bath. You kept saying I gotta fly. When we got upstairs you ran all over with your arms out like you had wings saying I'm flyyyyyyying!! Flash cards. You know 
A B C sometimes D & E. O M sometimes P. R W

Pinky "cromiss" (promise) and you hold out your index finger 😊

April 9.- Planted dogwood tree

April 23-In the past week You point to quotation marks in books and say "what are those mom" you know question mark and exclamation mark

You now know letters T (you say t for tone tone) & S

Instead of "I can't" you now say "I cannot"... "I. Cannot hear it mom" "I cannot eat that"

You've started eating a LOT more!

You love to play in the dirt with your shovel 

You love to sing your name song we made up-- "MI- LL- IE.. That spells Millie" and I catch you singing it at the most random times. 

You're verrrry scared of the bumble bees in the flowers but love the dragonfly. 

We do your nightly chocolate milk at 6:30 now instead of 7:15 to try to prevent wetting the bed!

You have so much happiness in your little heart. You love on people well and are always concerned for them. 

You look forward to reading from the "first virtues for toddlers" book every night. 
You learned 1 Thess. 5:16 from it-- always be JOYFUL (you shout and throw your hands in the air at that part)
-you also love to either read Millie Goes Shopping, Gina Giraffe, or Roosevelt Rhino after that before we turn the lamp off
- we've started talking about our day before I start to rock you. It is one of my favorite parts of our days to recap all the fun we got to have together and you love it too

You have been an absolute rockstar after being potty trained. We haven't had an accident anywhere (knocking on wood) and when we were picking you up from church last week Mrs. Janis had taken you to potty and we got to witness you running up to Mrs. Jackie saying "Mrs. Jackie i went potty!!!!"  Cutest thing ever. You love them so much and are so sad when they aren't in your room at church

Two weeks ago Miss Darlene at Kdo wasn't there and Ms. Missy said you were so worried about her and kept asking "where she go". When I picked you up you said "dar-een at home. She's cold" 😬

You beg to put your tutu on and ask for music. You usually want "Hosanna Brooke"-- aunt Brooke singing Hosanna. And you make me play it on repeat in the car. 

Almost 30 weeks!!!
Excuse me.. WHAT?! So fast!
Ramsey, you are an active little mister. Day and night. All over the place!!
We went to the doctor Tuesday for another scan to make sure your heart had healed. I did not let myself think about it the past 8 weeks and we really didn't tell many people there might be an issue. I didn't even google it. But getting ready to go Tuesday morning I honestly thought I was going to puke- I let myself get so anxious. Within two minutes of the scan they assured us all was clear and your heart looked normal. Hallelujah!!!!  
- you were moving your mouth so much during the scan. You kept sticking your tongue out. 

I have been thinking more about what life might be like when you're here and I am so eager to meet you and know you and hold you and squeeze you and kiss on you and hold those little fingers and toes. I'm excited to see what color hair and eyes you'll have. Looking at the scan on Tuesday, it appears you, like your sister, have my nose 😜. 
I can't wait to for those first few minutes where it's just you me and your daddy, for that first night together staring at you, or to hear your little coos and cries. I am ridiculously excited for bringing you home and those late night feedings when it will just be time between the two of us. 

-You weigh about 3 lbs
-My outer cervix is measuring about a week and a half ahead
-28 to 29 weeks was my biggest belly growth so far
-I've been having lots of round ligament pain (it's scared me a few times--like last week when I was in Old Navy and couldn't walk) but I've gotten pretty used to it
-I survived the car ride to and home from Gulf Shores with your daddy-- I had to chomp on lots of tums riding in the car- I think sitting up so straight makes the reflux worse. (As does laying down in bed ha. I belch soooooo much when I initially lay down each night. It's so lady like 😜).
-I've definitely had more reflux this pregnancy
- use the heating pad quite a bit 
-I am trying to soak in every little (mostly big) movement I feel and I catch myself rubbing on my belly a lot. Knowing this is my last time to be pregnant makes it so bittersweet. 

Your sister talks about you all the time now!  She decided she will give you a paci but not HER GIRAFFE.. We got you a cow that's the same brand as her giraffe and she talks about giving it to you constantly. 

Some days July seems a million years away but then there are moments I feel like it's sneaking up and I'm so unprepared! 
What I know for sure is that you are loved and we are ready to hold you in our arms, sweet mister. 

I love you both through and through!!!!