Monday, October 21, 2013

21 weeks... DONE!

Millie has been ON THE MOVE!
I'm usually really tired when I get home from work (not like sleepy tired, but definitely ready to put on comfy clothes and hit the couch).  This week I have been relaxing on the couch with the computer on my lap and listening to Kari Jobe.  Around 4:15 each day Millie starts to wiggle-- A LOT!  I'm hoping she will be as big of a Kari Jobe fan as I am :).
Ben finally felt Millie move last weekend.  It was SO fun to watch his face.  He doesn't quite think it is as neat as I do so I was a little disappointed in his reaction... then I realized, my experience with this baby is completely different than the one he is getting right now so, of course he isn't going to get as "into" all the little details as I am at this point.  He has been very sweet this week and putting his hand on my belly to feel her and talk to her each day! I love it!

I'm in full maternity clothes wearing mode.  It is insane how within one week my belly "blew up"!  It's crazy to compare my 19 week picture with my 20 week!

At 21 weeks: I am unable to sleep comfortably (yes, already), wearing all maternity pants (leggings quite a bit--thank you Jesus for that invention), and feeling Millie move ALL of the time!!!  I have gained 5 pounds... mostly in my FACE AND ARMS lol.  It is disgusting how puffy my face is :(  Ben says "Won't everything just get bigger?!" ha.. he sure knows how to console his wife and make her feel better!

Here I am yesterday 21 going on 22 weeks! :)
(my pants need ironed... I hate to iron...)

My family came to visit for the weekend.  My sister and I bought my mom a black pug for her birthday (she has been very lonely since sweet zoe passed away a few years ago), and my sister got the boys an English bulldog so they came up to pick up the puppies!  I was super busy all afternoon yesterday so I didn't have time to have the usual meltdown that I do when they leave.  It definitely hit me this morning, though.  Of course, I miss my mom and sister (and dad) so much, and it is really hard being away from them--especially being pregnant because they don't get to experience the little things with me that people who live near me are getting to.... but it is even harder knowing I have three nephews whose lives I don't get to be a big of a part of as I would like to be.  Every time I see them I get so emotional because they change so much.  Pete Speer is a mature Kindergartner---he has overcome mountains that I prayed he would for so long.  I pray for him daily that his teachers and classmates would have the same love and patience for him that we do.  He truly is the sweetest most kind-hearted little boy I know.  Brody is a mess.. but the cutest mess you'll ever meet--SUCH A HAM.  He and Pete are the best big brothers to Brennan (who is just a cute little chunk monster!!!)  Brennan has changed so much since I saw him in the summer :(.  Luckily, I get to see them again this weekend for Brody's birthday!  I know it is going to be even harder once Millie is born and they don't get to see each other as much as I want.  UGHHH... life surely isn't "fair" sometimes...  So thankful to be their aunt, though!

Millie's room is painted!!! Thanks to my amazing husband who stayed up all night Thursday to get it finished before my family got here.... (we should've thought through the whole process more and not started in the middle of the week.... but I don't have a brain these days!)
We are waiting for her bedding to come in (should be in the middle of November) before painting or planning anything else for the nursery. :)

I'll end with a pic of my mom's dog... Miss Daisy .. she has my heart!!
I want her!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Half Way There!

Ah! I can't believe tomorrow marks 20 weeks of walking through this life with a precious baby girl in my belly!  This morning I was thinking back to those hard weeks when it was difficult to even get out of bed (praise the Lord that was during the summer).  I remember a few times telling Ben I didn't know how people went through a pregnancy with other kids to take care of at the same time.  Honestly, thinking back I can't really even remember what was so hard!  Of course, I remember feeling nauseous 24-7 and that certain foods sounded awful, but I don't remember the feeling I had inside of me that was saying "I can never do this again!" because now it all seems like a small portion of this 20 week long blessing.  Every single little feeling (good or bad) is completely worth getting to the point of pregnancy when you feel movement inside.  Feeling Millie move makes all of this feel so real... I can't wait for Ben to be able to feel her move, too.
Seeing her on the "big screen" at the doctor makes it feel real, too. We went for our "20 week appointment" on Thursday and I will say--it never gets old seeing her precious profile or her tiny hands and feet.  She already seems to have so much personality!

I'm not very consistent with this weekly picture thing, but I try to have Ben take one when I do remember!  Here I am this morning... 19 going on 20 :)

My bump isn't really what I think of when I think "baby bump", but I'm thankful to finally be showing (I know I may eat those words in a few weeks).
At our appointment Dr. Gorman said I am measuring small, but Millie is actually measuring right at her due date!!  She weighs about 10 oz and is about 7 in long!  CRAZY!

I finally broke down on Friday night and ordered some maternity clothes.  Friday at school I wore some skinny jeans and I was absolutely MISERABLE (even with a hair tie holding the button/fastener together).  I'm pretty sure it put me in a bad mood.  So, I will soon be a maternity pants wearing lady.  I'm holding out on shirts for a while because I usually wear my shirts pretty big anyway and they still fit for now :).  

My students are so interested in Millie!  It is so fun!  I was very sick at school on Wednesday (throwing up.. I think either a bug or something I ate) and they kept asking if Millie was okay.  Carter even said, "What if when you threw up in the trash can Millie came out?!?"  BLESS HIM :)  I'll save that explanation for you, Kylie Moad :).

Since we found out we are having a little girl, I have become mildly obsessed with making bows and headbands!  I can't stop!  I decided it'd be cheaper for me to make a few myself instead of spending $10-12 each plus shipping from etsy ;)

We've been busy bees getting things together for the nursery :).  Ben finally let me order Millie's bedding! So excited, but it won't be in until the middle of November.  We have also decided on a color to pain the nursery.  Last weekend we got the crib finished after three weeks of hard work!  I am very pleased with the end result!  It matches the changing table perfectly!

One of the fun fabrics in Millie's bedding!

Let the next 20 weeks begin!!!