Wednesday, February 17, 2016

19 weeks & almost 2 years old!

Ah! Still cannot believe I get to be a momma to a sweet girl and boy! I am so anxious to meet you already!
Your name will officially be: Ramsey Moore Willard.  We had chosen the name Ramsey (because we both were actually able to agree on liking it) to be your name whether you were a girl or boy!  Then we realized "Ramsey" is the name of our house plan. ha! 
If you'd been a girl your name would have been Ramsey Ann (Ann is Nanny's middle name).  We decided on Moore as a way to honor her (and Papaw too) also!

I am already in full planning mode for your nursery :)).  

We were scheduled to have the 20 week ultrasound this Tuesday, but once we got there we "weren't on the schedule" (grrrr) it's moved to next Thursday.  I can't wait to get to see you with your daddy!

-I am wearing mostly maternity pants.  My belly seems to have bulged out in the past week.  Your daddy got me a new body pillow for Valentine's day (and some maternity pj pants because he said he was tired of looking at mine being too short ha)... so that's exciting!!haha!  Hopefully it helps me get a little more sleep..
-I've thrown up a few more times than I had been when I wrote last time.  It kind of comes when I don't even expect it--like the other day when I was washing my face I just vomited in the sink??!!

-I've had quite a bit more energy, though.  I've been trying to "work out" (if thats what you call it) at least 2-3 times a week.

-I've gained 6 pounds..

Millie Everett, I cannot believe you turn two in less than a week!  Slow down, sister!!  I am excited for your birthday party this weekend!  It's winnie the pooh themed because you LOOOOOOOVE winnie the pooh.. :)

*some new things you do:
-You can count to 18, but you can also count backwards 10-1 (thanks to Mickey Mouse)
-you pray by saying "God is great".... we got home from dinner last night and you were standing at the living room table coloring and your daddy and i heard you whispering it over and over 
-sing lots of songs.  Your favorite right now is "he's got the whole world in his hands"
-you love to watch pooh's heffalump movie and ask to watch it ALL THE TIME.  you have it memorized.  You also really like Charlotte's Web
-your kitchen, coloring, and chalking are your favorite things to do... other than "run" with daddy at night..
-you like to look at the baby on my pregnancy app and ask "hear baby heartbeat"
-you loooooove your chocolate milk
-we are working on identifying A, B, & C
-you can identify all colors and most basic shapes
-you love to go see "missy & darweeen" at "schoooooo" :)

You like to eat "chickies" (chicken nuggets), spaghetti, and ramen noodles hahaha... you still have a big space in your heart and appetite for cheetos.  You pretty much snack all day long.  

Millie:23 months, Gender Reveal, 15 (almost 16) weeks

Millie!!! You will be TWO years old next month.  what in the world is that about?!  Sister!!!!!  
I don't even know where to begin with all the ways you have changed!  You are such an intelligent little girl.  I really don't think there are words you do not know!  You repeat and catch on to everything!  You talk in sentences and remember things then tell stories about them... like last week we went to your dad's work and you went to sit in Gampie's new truck.  Then, we were eating dinner the other night and you said "I went to Gampie's work and see his new truck.  we ride in his truck".  
You know all your colors, a few letters, and can count to 20 most days.  I LOVE IT.. eat it up every single time.  You have an alphabet puzzle and the M is "map"--you say it every time.. K is "key".. Z is "zipper"
Your hair is out of control!  So cute.  
I took you with me to see Mrs. Dawn to find out the gender of our new baby!  You SCREAMED the entire time "noon baby mommy. NO BABY!"  GERRRR HAHA
Now you say-baby brother?! often
You had a double ear infection this week :( saddest.

You love to "chalk", "cook" in your kitchen, play chase around the house, your new slide that your daddy brought home this week, ring around the roses, chocolate milk time, Daniel Tiger, BUBBLE BATH, when i put dresses on you (you say---pretty dressssssss and spin in circles), your boots, you like to have booboos kissed, to say "sorry mommy", "lub you", " i got you", playing with your babies, facetime, singing, dancing

You dislike: diaper changing time, getting your hair fixed, and have a love/hate relationship with brushing your teeth

We got you a toddler bed and put it in your room today.  You kept saying "MY PRESENT!!!!!" Then you walked over to the crib and pushed it and said "too bad bed" :)).  We didn't let you sleep in it tonight because the room isn't quite as Millie proofed as we want it, yet.