Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ten Month Old on our Hands!

*head nod yes ALL the time... it is so hilarious... you nod at people on the tv or in the grocery store when they say "yes" or "yeah"
*standing in your crib and jumping/bouncing up and down giggling the whole time or saying "wooahhh woahhhh"
*"wooooooah" at everything
*pointing: absolute cutest thing I've ever seen- as you say "woahhhh" you point with your index finger and your thumb
*"wiggle wiggle wiggle" so adorable--your tongue is so heavy when you say it
*you let go of whatever you're standing up on and free stand
*on 12.20.14 you took your first "step".. and did it a few times..
*"thank you".. in a cute little squeaky high pitched voice
*signing "more"
*I say, "give me kiss" and you lean in with your mouth wide open and "kiss" me...
*you lean on us (put your head into our shoulders) to give us love
*when you are ready for milk to crawl up to me from wherever you are :)
*you like to climb up and down things... you can crawl up Gammie and Gampie's stairs
* you do this "woooooo" surprise face where you do your lips in an o shape and make a dramatic sound.. ha
*No more baby food.... the doctor gave us the okay at your 9 mo appointment when i told him you were refusing it... some of your favorite foods now are peas and carrots, mac and cheese (although we have had to limit it lately because you've had some stomach issues), peaches, baked sweet potatoes, veggie soup, spaghetti os, chicken noodle soup, yogurt melts, still love puffs, ritz, vanilla wafers, muffins, eggos, toast, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, apple sauce, honey nut cheerios... and almost anything we are willing to feed you
*we are pretty sure (and so are both of your gmas) that anything we say you repeat it back.  It is hilarious!!! but we will not swear by it for now.. although I think it usually sounds just like whatever we say!
*you would rather yank your socks off and eat your toes than have them on
*you dance anytime you hear music & clap when you hear anyone anywhere say yay or hear someone else clapping
*you love the clothes dryer
*obsessed with getting in the refrigerator
*your wingspan is unreal--you can reach so high or so far back on tables..
*you eat everything.. leaves, toilet paper, fuzz...anything you can get your little fingers on
*you love to turn light switches on/off
*you also love to open and close doors (at the bottom) and go in a room to hide from us :)

What Else?!
*you sleep from 7:45/8-5/5:30.. I feed you and then you usually sleep until about 7:15!.. the past week has been kind of rough.. you've been waking up a LOT and usually around 12:30 and 3:30.. and it takes you for-ev-er to go back to sleep..
*for about two weeks you were on a kick of taking 2 2 hour naps... now you're back to 2 1 hour naps.. :)
*there have been a few days you have rebelled against taking a nap (agh),
*your hair is SO curly.  It is even starting to curl on top!
*still size 4 diapers...we are using pampers baby dry since you potty so much during the night :0
*12m clothes are getting too short but we are wearing them as long as possible!

Fun Stuff we've done this month:
*we went to the church Christmas program on Dec. 7--you LOVED it.. you stood on your daddy's lap the whole time we were there and pointed, said woooah, and clapped :)

*we drove you around the square in Fayetteville and you were amazed at the lights!

*The next week (on daddy's birthday) went back to the square and you LOVED the lights.. it was so fun to watch you point and get so excited at them.  so much innocence.  You also met SANTA..hahhaa.. i tried to hide you from him as long as i could while we were in line, but as soon as i sat you in his lap and you looked up and saw his beard you were screaming! so cute, though. I loved it!

*I bought some bath drops to change the color of your bath water and you were amazed... We also got some "mr. bubble" and you just tried to eat the bubbles the whole bath time.

*We went to Jonesboro to celebrate Christmas with Tone Tone, aunt wendi, uncle britt, pete, brody, and brennan. It was so fun that you could actually jump in the middle of all the fun and play with the boys this time! You were mesmerized with Brennan.  It was so fun to see you enjoying "opening presents", too.  We went to Papaw's in Marvell on Sunday and you and Brennan had fun on the swing together! :)))

*Your friend Claire Curtis was born last month! she is adorable! I can't wait for you girls to get to play together! :))

*On November 30 we participated in baby dedication at church.  We love our church and are so thankful for all of the people there who promise to pray for you and walk with you (and us) through each season of life.  We thank the Lord for you.. your ten little fingers and toes, your nose, your curly hair, your blue eyes, your fun personality, your health, and just your existence... You are His-we are just thankful we get to be the ones to take care of you here on earth.  We love you, Millie!

*We celebrated your daddy's 33rd birthday!  It was so fun having you here... we painted him a canvas that said "happy birthday daddy" (that didn't go as well as planned..haha.. you just wanted to eat the paint) and made him a photo book of pics of you the past few months!

(this was mine and aunt wendi's bow when we were little :))

 veggie soup adventures..

 Baby Dedication

Monday, November 24, 2014

N I N E Months Old...

You are changing every day, Miss Millie.

*What's new:
-you weigh 18.12 lbs
-28 inches long :)
-all on your own, you decided you wanted to start walking with your walker... and the day you started it, you didn't stop! You were all over the place! And SO proud of yourself!
-you like to make sure everyone notices when you do something (again, always so proud of yourself)
-AMAZED at Christmas stuff (because every single store, every single tv channel (we only get like 3 ha), everything is Christmas)>  I took you to Hobby Lobby and you kept saying "wooooo woooo".  So many people stopped to talk to you because they thought the sounds you were making were so precious.  Many commented how "fun" Christmas would be for us this year.  I'll admit I'm having a bit of anxiety about the tree since you are so mobile and so "interested" in every little thing. ha!
-you pull your hair all the time.  You pull mine, too (I got it chopped off and you still find a way)
-laugh at yourself constantly.  you like to watch yourself on our phones when we flip the camera around.  You also like to watch videos of yourself or other babies.
-it's time to child-proof the house a bit more thoroughly.  You are starting to pull things off the tables and shelves.  You love to pull the baskets (and dump them out) off of your bookshelf in your room, so I filled one with toys and you thought it was so funny the first time you saw what I had replaced it with!
-taking a bath in the big bath tub (this made me sad at first but it is SOOOO much fun for us all). YOU LOVE IT!
-you love to have your mickey and/or minnie that tone-tone got you at Disney World with you wherever you go.  seriously the cutest thing
-your first stomach bug :((((  I may cry typing it just thinking about how sad it was!  You were in our bed (still putting you in bed with us when you wake up between 2-3:30)  {thankful, actually, that you were sleeping with us because it would've made me even more sad if you'd been alone in your bed} and started moaning/crying and got up on all fours and threw up all over your daddy's back (bahh) around 5:45.  It was quite a bit (mainly milk) and then you threw up a few minutes later.  I changed you and we went to reside on the couch for the next hour.  You threw up five more times throughout the morning.  It was awful because you would whine and throw up/gag then your head would just fall on me.  Then, you'd get a burst of energy and want down to crawl around and giggle.  The cycle seemed never-ending.  The last time you threw up was around 11.. then I gave you some pedialite and you kept it down.  What was so pitiful was that you kept trying to nurse the whole morning and whining for it.  SO SAD!!!!  Since you had kept the pedialite down and hadn't thrown up in almost two hours I let you nurse, and you didn't throw up the rest of the day.  Broke our hearts to see you so sad and sick.  Thankful that it was just a few hours.
-pick things up and inspect them.. move it from hand to hand and stare intently
-LOVE mum-mums :)
-you sleep with your booty in the air most of the time-- hands and feet tucked under you ;)
-YOU SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!... yeah... I know.. I can't believe it either!!!! Of course, this is just as of last Thursday night, but oh my goodness gracious this feels like we are living a completely different life.  I was seriously almost in a mild state of depression because I thought I had messed up your sleeping for life.  I just randomly started reading different "methods" last Wednesday... I haven't been all about going by the book with most things baby, but I didn't know what else to do!  Nothing anyone had been recommending had worked, and I wasn't the biggest fan of letting you cry (I had tried that for two weeks and you would cry for HOURS and it just was not working).  I started reading about the "ferber method" of "progressive waiting"... so I prepped your dad and got him on board and we tried it!  Thursday (nov. 20) I put you down (awake) after rocking for a little while.  Of course, you popped right up... you "whined" for five minutes- i went in to pat you/soothe you (did not pick you up)... then set my timer for seven minutes-went in pat/soothe... set my timer for ten minutes.. you whined for about 3 minutes... i looked at the monitor and you were spread eagle and had fallen asleep sitting up..then plop! your head between your legs ASLEEP.. ON. YOUR. OWN.  what whaaaaaaaat.... then you woke up at 5:30.. I fed you and you were back asleep until 7:30!!!!  so every nap since then you have gotten yourself to sleep (after I rock you for a few minutes)... it didn't go quite as smoothly over the weekend because we were at Tone-tone's in jonesboro, but you slept until 5:40 this morning, I fed you, back to sleep until 7:15! I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN WITH ALL THIS SLEEP, SISTER! Thank you so so much, Millie!!!! Now, please keep it up! ;)
-You say "mommmmmmyyyy" all. the. time.
-you clap for Mickey Mouse at the beginning of every episode (and usually wail your feet all through the air, too)
-when I rock you now, you like to sit up and lay your head against my chest with your giraffe snuggled to your face

*What else is going on:
-you put EVERYTHING in your mouth.. when I say everything I mean like you will find the smallest little speck of fuzz or grass and it is in your mouth.  I should probably learn the heimlich maneuver ASAP..
-still {just} 8 teeth ha.. and nursing is getting VERY difficult
-crawling all over the place.. there's nowhere Millie won't go. ha.
-still SO nosy--you notice EVERYTHING!!!
-pull up on everything
-your main interests are shoes (that are sitting on the floor) and cords
-remotes and cell phones always seem to find your hands!!! :)
-still pretty baby blue eyes!!
-your hair is curling even more!
-wearing 9-12 m clothes...  12m pants fit in length....    sizing is getting super frustrating to this momma of yours!
-make the sweetest like "ahhh" "woo" sound
-we are working on saying "more", "please" in sign language while you eat, working on blowing kisses, saying/nodding "yes", and you have mastered the hand clap and saying "yay".

We have a busy next few months coming up!! Thanksgiving, Daddy's birthday (and gammie, gampie, and aunt brooke), Christmas, New Years....Pete's birthday, and then your FIRST birthday (wahhh wahhh wahhh)

*This month:
-we can finally see starting on the new house coming together.. ha what a long process it has been!!!!
-it has been a super cold month... you aren't really a fan of the cold-- the wind confuses you- you look around to try to figure out where it is coming from :)
-it snowed last weekend!  We got some super cute pictures and you kept trying to catch the snow in your mouth as it was falling.  So cute.
-we are doing your dedication at church Nov. 30! So excited!!!!
-we are putting up the Christmas tree this week! Can't wait to start all these fun traditions with you and to watch your little eyes in amazement!
-mommy started subbing (just one day a week)
-we had an early Thanksgiving at jonesboro with mommy's side of the family.  It was so fun--papaw got to come, aunts and uncles, and you got to spend some QT with your cousins and tone-tone

This morning you popped up in our bed at 7:30, took out your pacifier, said "ahhhhhh", and KISSED me right on the lips! It was the sweetest thing you have ever done.

I am making bets that you might just walk by Christmas... buttttt I've been known to be wrong ;) ha! I would be completely fine if not, though! :)

One random Sunday we went out to the land and decided to take some pics while we were there ;)

You were Olivia the Pig for Halloween.  Cutest Olivia there ever was! Gammie made your dress and I made your ears ;)