Wednesday, September 24, 2014

May your eyes get wide when you look at the stars... SEVEN MONTHS

This little light of mine......
Oh, Millie.  You amaze me daily.  You are seven months old, sweet girl!  We have had a busy month around the Willard home... which has actually changed locations... which is part of the chaos that made it a busy month!  :)  Along with busy, I would say that emotional also describes the past month well.

What's new with Millie Willard at seven months?
-You have THREE teeth with a fourth one breaking its way through!!  I promise, it's like you go to bed and wake up with a new one every day...
-starting to pull up on things.. at this point i'm wondering if you'll walk before you crawl!
-"scoot" backwards
-giggle like crazy
-say "dada"... wave and say "Hi" and i'm pretty sure you've got "Yay" down... we say it and clap and you wail your hands in the air and "say" it..
-all teeth grin (adorable)
-give "love"
-eat your feet- pretty sure you can put a whole one in your mouth
-fight your sleep like a mad woman
-can stand with one hand holding on to something
-you weigh 16.12 pounds
-27 inches long
-wearing mostly 9m clothes

 (we surprised tone-tone for her 50th birthday with a PARRRRRTAYYY... you screamed through the whole thing and had poop running up the front and back of your shorts... so that onesie got thrown in the trash once we got to her house after the party.. ha it was cute while it lasted)

 (land clearing day)

(snuggling your giraffe on the car ride home from the beach)

(ha..we stayed at the same condo where mommy and daddy stayed a few years ago)

(goodbye 3871 Song Bird Pl)

You had your first beach vacay this past month too... you were completely adorable on the beach just as you are everywhere else.. you loved the sand (your dad was overly paranoid you were going to eat a fist full of it and die), but were a little timid at the loud sound of the waves.. we hung out at the pool, a lot.  You did take a few naps in your bouncy seat inside the tent on the beach.

Your favorite foods right now are puffs (we've only tried apple cinnamon, but just bought strawberry), peaches, and squash.  You also like water!  You're not very interested in the zippy cup just yet.

When you hear people clapping on tv you think they're clapping for you and get so excited and do the "yay" hand wailing I was talking about.

Things you love:
-still love your giraffe to go "night night" and snuggle
-darla the dragonfly rocker-- now you like to stand at her face and eat her, but you giggle every time we walk in your room and you see her
-sheriff callie
-mickey mouse clubhouse
-swinging... although it is high time we stop putting you in it because you turn your body completely sideways and hang backwards over the side- so i don't leave the room when you're in it 
-having your hair brushed
-bath time
-your light up rubber ducky in the bath
-chewing on everything
-wipes boxes
-playing on the floor with us
-your high chair
-EMJAY.. you are so fascinated
-being in the stroller
-to stand up and hold my hands and "shake your booty"
-your carseat... NOT!! HAHA
-sleeping in your crib... again, completely kidding :(
-having your nose and temple rubbed when you're sleepy
-rocking with us
-pulling people's hair
-being tickled
-mirrors (you're so vain)
-when your daddy gets home from work (cutest thing ever)
-for us to hold you facing frontwards-- you kick your feet like crazy. so funny
-..and we are STILL working on you sleeping through the night.... as of last night you slept until 12:30.. cried (well kind of screamed :() until 1:30 and I watched you very closely on the monitor the whole time while your daddy grumbled and growled about how loud i had the monitor turned up and kept complaining... so at 1:30 i went and laid down in your bedroom floor.  You finally fell asleep and slept until 4:30.. tried to leave you but couldn't handle the crying so I got you and put you in our bed :/       -you had the sleeping down for about two weeks.. then we went to jonesboro, went on vacation, and moved and you have been completely inconsistent since all of that (which i don't blame you) so we will get it down, again.  I'm determined!!!

You are too cute for your own good... and your eyes are so beautiful.  Your hair is getting so long  (okay, not long but long(er)) and has a few curls! :))) I am currently obsessed with your hands.  ahhh i love them so much.

It was so hard to leave the home we brought you home to.  The last night I got to rock you I couldn't stop crying!  I kept thinking about walking in the door the day we brought you home.  I walked you straight to your room, and rocked you in the chair as I thanked the Lord for you and prayed the first of many prayers over you as i cried (imagine that).  Your daddy and I went over on Monday (sept 22) to finish up cleaning and walked to each room to say our favorite memories.  So tough, but we know this is all in the Lord's plan, and we have so many more memories to make with you wherever "home" may be!!

We had your 6 month pictures done.  The Benfields nailed it, again!  They're all so precious and such a blessing to have!

I was just rocking you before nap time and happened to glance up at the sign in your room... I left out the part about "and for those who are gone keep their memories alive" because at the time I didn't want something morbid about death hanging in my baby's nursery... but lately i've really been missing my nanny.  The other night your daddy was holding you and you kept reaching for her picture.  It made my heart so so so happy.  I wish so badly that you had been able to meet her.  Anyhoo, as i was rocking you today I thought about how that is still my constant prayer for you.  I love you, sweet girl.

May you live each day with no regret
Make the most of every chance you get
Let your eyes get wide when you look at the stars
With the same sense of wonder as a child’s heart
With the ones you love treasure the time
And for those who are gone keep their memories alive
Hold on to your dreams don’t ever let go
There’s a fire inside you burning with hope