Tuesday, May 31, 2016

34 weeks & a busy, changing toddler

Ramsey Moore! You will be here so soon!!!  ah! 34 weeks! so insane to me.  i have a check up tomorrow..then my next one will be my first "check" and we'll go every week.  that is CRAZY to me.  it's gone by so quickly, little mister!!!  I'm still not realizing that I'm about to be a momma to two!  I also can't believe I'm about to have a baby boy in a few short weeks!  I feel like I can already smell your sweet scent and hear your little coos.  So ready to tickle those little piggies!!

-tone-tone is moving out this week, so i am excited to get all your goodies put together and in your nursery.  we are going to miss having her here, but I'll admit, I'm starting to get anxious about not having anything done in your room.

-i washed quite a bit of your clothes, blankets, etc last week and that got me SO EXCITED!!! little baby boy stuff is so fun!!!! ahhh!

-we had your shower two weeks ago and got showered with lots of goodies and necessities from so many people who love us more than we deserve! it was so sweet and cute! Your big sister thoroughly enjoyed opening all your gifts.

-we MIGHT have gone to home depot for paint yesterday and repainted your dresser because the first color wasn't quite what I wanted... MIGHT have.. :)

nothing fits.  seriously.  i refuse to buy anymore maternity clothes, though.  i did finally buy a pair of shorts last week but they're already getting snug.  I'm confident i'm about to have one of those bellies that looks like it's defying gravity.  I may not leave the house the next 5-6 weeks ha.

the top of my belly button is starting to poke out.  it never went out with millie

i'm far past the size i was with millie full-term and i'm slightly concerned with how much more weight i'm probably  going to gain. oh boy. ha

sleep doesn't exist... unless i take a nap when millie does.  i literally went pee last night about 17 times.. it was so ridiculous haha... but it's also a challenge to get comfortable... you'll hate me one day for saying this but my "chest" seems to have quadrupled.. and they're already leaking.. like a lot.. and have been since I was about 15 weeks.  but just the past two weeks it's been quite a bit more!

the doctor recommended doing mylanta for the reflux and it has been a game changer at night! so thankful!

i've been craving sweet tea.  every. single. day.  which is not something I've ever really allowed myself to have.  probably why my thighs look like tiny houses.


Mills.. you're the sweetest.  You are learning like crazy!

-You know most of the alphabet... U and V still trick you up.  YOU LOVE THE FACT THAT M AND W ARE THE SAME.. you flip them over and over and say the letters.  You were in the car the other day making them with your fingers and flipping it over and over--none of us taught you that so i was amazed...
-you love to sing and learn songs easily.. you are very animated with your singing, too. haha
-you ask to hold my hand in the car and just like to cup your hand and sit it inside mine.  i love it
-you love your umbrella
-you are still slightly confused with wearing a swimsuit without panties.  it's kind of hilarious
-your daddy made you a "fort" of pillows on the bed last week and you kept piling them up and then said "here mom i'll make you a spoon" :)
-when you go down for nap or sleep and when you wake up you say "momma howd yew" about 50 times in the sweetest little voice
-every night no matter how recently you've used the bathroom, as soon as i turn the lamp off you say "potty in tonetone's potty mommy"
-"paci/giraffe in the car"..and you chunk your paci
-you're starting to prefer wearing certain things... you're not a big fan of denim shorts
-love making picnics with your food and stuffed animals
-you love to "read".. you climb in your chair either in the playroom or in your room and pretend to read books over and over..
-you love to "hide" under covers
-love super why, strawberry shortcake, the hive, and paw patrol
-you've started eating MUCH more at meals.  you usually finish your entire grilled cheese! that's a huge improvement!
-you like to water the plants, be on the porch, push your shopping cart and "go to target"..
-chocolate milk mom! no milk....just chocolate (with a thumbs up and the cutest smile)
-you keep saying "where baby ramsey? i'm ready for him!"... this morning you said "baby ramsey at the door.  he wants in.  he crying mom!"    he kicked you while you were in my lap yesterday and you elbowed him back with a funny look on your face.  hilarious.
-you had your last day of KDO and i'm so sad for you.  You love Missy and Darlene so much!!!!
-we think we are about to move to you to a big girl bed :D