Sunday, April 2, 2017

8 months! Don't hate me

baby boy!!!!
i am SO sorry I haven't done a good job keeping up with life here.  I promise your baby book is updated and so is your journal!
You are amazing, by the way!
You're so big...
-you wear 18-24m clothes, and weigh about 23 pounds.  We just changed you to the new convertible carseat this past week.  WHAT! so crazy.. and honestly, the only reason i thought to do it was because you went to the doctor for an ear infection and weighed 22 1/2 pounds and the infant carrier is 4-22lb limit! ah! (you've loved being in the car up to this point and usually sleep in your carseat)

I THINK (knock on wood) we are finally getting this sleep thing down.  kind of....  it has been quite a journey.  up until the past week you would start out in your crib at night and after waking around 9:15 and 10:30 you would end up in our bed around midnight and still wake up several times after that!
We started letting you cry (last week after you'd been on your antibiotics for the ear infection a few days) and i was determined not to feed you in the night.  you've only been waking (on average) once and don't even cry for long.  then you wake between 5:30-6 i feed you and you sleep until 7:50. SO MUCH BETTER... hallelujah.  your daddy and i were starting to go a littttttle crazy with the little sleep we were getting.

you have EIGHT teeth and have had them since 3-5 months old.!

you have been sitting up in your crib..
you crawl all over the place
walk with your walking toy
pull up on everything
can move from one object to something beside it without having a hand on either
took 4 steps last month. promise. it was crazy
have the most beautiful light brown/blonde hair and swoop
beautiful big blue eyes
chubbiest but longest fingers and feet
love mommas milk but LOVE to eat clllllllll the food... really the only thing you've ever not liked was baby food peaches and green beans, but you like solid green beans..
it's hilarious to watch you drink out of your straw sippy cup
you like to watch the clothes spin in the dryer
we are most positive you said momma twice today (your dad agrees)
you babble momma and dada allllll the time
you love your sister and watch her constantly.  she genuinely loves you too
you like to cruise through the house in your walker (I call it a bumper boat) and we all run for our lives so you don't get our feet haha
you love your cow love
sleep in a sleep sack, with a paci, your cow, sound machine, a pillow behind your back, on your side, and a small pillow by your head
you love baths
emjay is your favorite!
you like to play with balls
love to eat on books
love the mickey mouse clubhouse song
like to bang things together haha or on the floor
wagon rides and riding on the red bike (we just did that for the first time this week)
being outside
stroller rides
you LOVE your tone tone... like a lot! haha
squishy cheeks!
wave (cutest thing in the world)

You've had a WHOLE lot thrown at you in your 8 months of life!
--you have really really really bad reflux the first couple weeks of life.  we couldn't figure out what it was... we tried a few meds and then finally found one that worked and it was a game changer.  but before that it was the saddest thing.  you were so miserable and uncomfortable and it was so hard for us to comfort you.  you would also spit up (like a whole lot) immediately after eating/nursing
--you've had 3 ear infections
--you had to have surgery dec 15 to have your circumcision since they couldn't complete it when you were born... that was a hard hard time for us all.. we had to go to children's hospital in little rock.. the night before your daddy and i were nervous wrecks.  i'm pretty sure i didn't sleep at all.  I was so anxious because at that point you were nursing multiple times in the night and morning and i couldn't nurse you after midnight.  you had to be put to sleep.  seeing you in your little hospital gown and booties just about did my momma heart in--then when the nurses wheeled you out of my sight i lost it!  it only took about 30 minutes, but i sat in that waiting room and read my bible and prayed and cried thinking about my baby being put to sleep and in an operating room.  i was also super thankful as i looked around at the families that were there dealing with much more serious things.  we came to recovery and you were so out of it and whiny and fussy.  it took forever for you to nurse.  we were also super anxious the whole drive home.  about two hours after we got home your pain meds started to wear off and it was pathetic :(  but the next day you were mostly back to yourself.

one of my most favorite things about you is when i (some other people too) hold you and you press your cheek next to mine, wrap your arms around my neck, your mouth is open, and you just squeeze and "love" on me for so long.. ahhh it melts my heart every single time..

i'm so proud and thankful and blessed and undeserving to be your momma, Ramsey Moore!!!!! it has been such a fun 8 months watching you grow (and by grow i mean sprint to manhood haha..)


i pray that you would ABIDE IN HIM just as the sign above your bed says.  Ramsey, the Lord loves you, he fights for you daily, he desires your heart, he has chosen you, and he will take care of you all the days of your life.  I pray that you ask him into your heart at an early age so that you may grow in him all the days you can remember.  Be a warrior for him, buddy!

your momma and daddy love you more than you will ever every know.  every day!