Friday, September 20, 2013

Going on 18 weeks....

It is still very hard for me to believe I am pregnant.  Thankfully, now, if I forget, I have a small "baby bump" to remind me!

We found out last Monday we are having a GIRL!  I am honestly sooooo thrilled, and I knew a girl was what Ben was hoping for (me too, maybe just a little).

We have an official name for our baby girl- Millie Everett Willard.

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant (will be 18 on Monday).  I have taken a few "bump" pictures but in this week's you can actually see her poking her way through!

My pants still fit-as of today.  They are starting to get slightly uncomfortable, though.
My shirts fit in my BELLY area, but are SUPER tight on my CHEST.. gerrrr!

Of course, it has been extremely difficult not to spend every extra penny we have on Miss Millie because there are SO many cute baby girl clothes out there and we all know I LOVE to shop!!!  I have gotten her a FEW things, though.  :)  I have her nursery all mapped out in my mind.  I found this awesome site called lullaby paints (they are nursery safe) and will be painting her crib on my own!  I am so excited and hope it turns out as planned!   I have the bedding sitting in my etsy cart waiting for Ben's okay- ha!

Ben's mom told us Dillard's was having a big summer sale so we went last night to see if we could find Millie anything.  Ben looked like a kid in a candy store holding up outfit after outfit.  He was tearing up within the first 5 minutes.  Then he said, "I just don't know if I can do this emotionally.  It's all so cute."  That just shows how excited he is, and that she truly already has him wrapped around her finger!

Dawn Hellard (the most amazing person in the world) has been doing ultra sounds for me since my doctor only does one at 20 weeks.  I got to go see Millie yesterday and she is quite the wiggle bottom!!! She was doing front and side flips the entire time we watched her!  I seriously love seeing her.  She has already grown so much since last week!  I'm trying to savor every little second of being pregnant (thankfully I'm finally in my second trimester and have my energy back!!!--yeahhh), but it is so hard not to just long to hold her and see her tiny little hands and feet externally!

My doctor gave me the OKAY to switch to the gummie prenatal vitamins (even though they don't have the iron needed) since the others had been making me SO sick.  I will switch to prescription ones when I get to my third trimester---so I get the iron I need to help my blood clot during delivery!

Thank you, Lord for this healthy baby girl growing inside of me.  I know she is truly a gift from You.  I pray she will have a heart that seeks You at an early age, and that she longs to glorify Your name in all she does.