Thursday, October 1, 2015


I look back at you in your carseat-- the sun reflecting off your baby blues and rosy cheeks because you always get hot and bothered when i'm trying to put you in the car-- and i cannot help but say, "THANK YOU, JESUS FOR MAKING HER MINE"

Your sweet little voice.  The way you make such a big deal of the things that seem so small to our adult eyes and minds.  Your pitter patter when you walk.  Your sweet blonde curls.  Your dance moves.  How you "jump".  When you say "you okay momma?" and put your arm around my neck.  When we say, "let's pray to Jesus" and you cup your hands and touch your nose to them.  When you sing Jesus Loves Me and I'm a Little Tea Pot.  When you cuddle me and your tiny delicate fingers pat me on the back like you are letting me know you love me and saying "thank you, momma".  When you say "Go Way" to EmJay.  When you cup your ear and make the biggest o with your mouth every time you hear an "aypane" in the sky.  How you gaze out the window with such innocence.  How you double pump your arm with a pointed finger when you REALLY want something or say "okay okay".  How you say the word pumpkin--- "puhnkhin".  Your long skinny legs.  When you lay on your belly and kick in the bath tub.

Every day is different--You say something new, do a new gesture, have a new dance move, try a new food (ha yeah right.. just dreaming there), or discover something your eyes have never noticed.  I am in disbelief and completely grateful that I get to be here every day- that I am the momma that gets to have such a spectacular, full of life, energetic, talkative, silly head, dancing machine, sing her heart out, hug me so tight I can't breathe little girl to make every day even more than a blessing than it already was before you woke up.  I know it's not because of anything "good" I did--- It's because Jesus decided to send you to fill my days with joy.  He trusted me with you.  He daily trusts me to pour into you the wisdom and love that He is continuously providing me.  He also desires your heart, Millie.  Praise Him for that!

So, to my 19 month old ray of sunshine, this is what i pray for you.
I pray that the days of your life will be long.  So long that you fill them to the brim with things and people you love and you don't waste a single second looking down on yourself or wallowing in regret.  That you never stop seeing the world as such a large land that was created for your exploration.  That you see people for who they truly are--and that is who God sees them as.  That you find their identity and especially your own identity in our Lord.  He loves you, Millie.  I pray that you have friends.  That you have friends who will also love Jesus.  I pray that you have friends whose parents love Jesus.  That those friends are lights in your life and that, in return, you are a light to them.  I pray that your heart beats to the same rhythm as the heart of our Savior.  That you look for those who need help, believe in those who are helping alongside you, and that you help until you can't help anymore.  I pray that you love.  That you love with grace, mercy, consistency, prayerfully, selflessly, and shamelessly.  I pray for your sexuality.  That you will find a man who is lost in a love affair with Jesus.  That your relationship will be built on biblical truth, and that you will allow the Lord to guide you through life purely until the day you say "I do".  I pray for our relationship.  That you will see me as your mother, your teacher, your confidant and sounding board, your shoulder, your hand to help you up and lift you up, your arms that are wailing in the air cheering you on for all things you believe in, your beautician until my ways are no longer cool (which may be sooner than I hope), and as a sister in Christ.  I pray for your health.  That Jesus lays his hands on your life with a clean bill of health so that you can energetically use your hands, feet, voice, and heart to serve Him.  I pray for your happiness.  That you'll share joy in every place you plant your feet.  That you won't lose that contagious giggle and million dollar smile.  That you will still twirl all around and not worry about what people watching may think.  That the hard times will be overshadowed by blessings and strength.  I pray that you allow yourself to be YOU! I pray that Millie Everett Willard is a warrior for Christ.  Go get 'em, sweet baby girl.

18 months have come and gone

Millie- did you think I had forgotten you?!
Nope.. i've still been keeping monthly updates in your journal, but decided since you are ONE AND A HALF it calls for me to sit down, breathe, and digest all the changes in our lives the past six months!

You are amazing.  You make me smile and make my heart feel like it is going to bust at the seams every single day.

You do so many exciting things but first I want to list my favorites:
-you want kix or trix all day long.  You want them in a bowl you can carry around the house.  You go to the pantry, get the box out, bring it to me, and then your tiny little hands cup it at the bottom and you trot all over crunching away.
-you say "YEEHAW" when you get excited about something or in the place of "Yes"... i credit Sheriff Callie
-"Hey Yewww"
-when i say, "Let's go (insert anything here)..." you say "okayyyy" in the highest pitch voice and sometimes when you're bored with me it's more of a shoulder shrug and "hmmmmkay" :D
-you jump--which is more of a lift up on your toes and throw your arms up
-you say "ready, set, goooooo" or "1,2,3, Goooo" and take off running and go tag a wall or some object then run back to the starting point
-you can wear pigtails (oh my lands- so precious)
-the way you eat pizza---getting just the toppings and cheese off with your teeth makes me laugh every time
-the pitter patter of your feet on this floor
-shake your booty
-the way you say diaper..
-your wave and "dyyyyye dyyyeee" (bye bye)
-when you lay on your belly in the bathtub and kick your legs up behind you
-when you put your hands together and duck your head to pray
-how excited you get over the smallest things then bend over and creep around moving your feet so quickly with your fists quenched "okay okay okay"
-how much you LOVE your tent
-when you randomly lay down on your belly on a floor and pat it
-when you pat my back when i'm rocking you or holding you

you wear mostly 12-18 month clothes
size 4 diapers
sleep through the night! woo oho
about an hour nap each day

We finally moved into our new house!! YOU LOVE IT! you love the stairs and the porches the most. outside is your favorite place other than the play room *you love to show that off when we have visitors*